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Processing and Facilities Engineering

Our Engineering Group provides technical information and economic analysis, engineering design, managerial and financial analysis, feasibility studies, operating equipment assessments, process simulations, facility management business plans, SCADA and remote communication systems to reduce risk, manage reliability and to safely operate facilities and Processing Plants.  We provide proven technical services to inspect and ensure asset integrity, to review energy management processes and practices, to manage refrigeration systems and equipment, to proactively address business interruptions, to design Operating and Maintenance (O&M) systems and programs, to plan and conduct plant turnarounds and scheduled production outages, and to provide oversight of a formal management of change program.In addition to conventional recovery and process solutions, environmental issues must be resolved as part of the design of any facility. One of our Clients required the installation of an amine unit at an existing 100 MM SCFD gas plant. Disposal of the acid gas product from the amine unit to a below ground reservoir was not feasible. Due to the high CO2 content, flaring the gas would require a large amount of fuel gas to sustain combustion. The solution - Install an incinerator and recover the combustion heat for use in the amine regeneration process. Our Client reduced CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and reduced their overall fuel gas consumption.