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The world’s thirst for energy continues to increase especially now as the world population exceeds 7 billion. Producers of petroleum and natural gas must begin to look for poorer quality reservoirs, those containing high carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide or complex geology, to fill the high energy demand. Producing these resources is dangerous and unfriendly to our environment because of the presence of toxic hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. All these raw products need special process to become useful energy. The big question arises as to what can be done with the by-products of these processes: hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and others. If the raw contains sufficient quantities of hydrogen sulfide, it can be converted to something more benefit such as elemental sulfur. However, as the production of sulfur increases, certainly the demand and the price will fall. Is there another option?  Carbon dioxide also has poses problems to our environment. What do we do with CO2? Continue to release to the atmosphere? Whether or not you believe that man is changing the earth’s climate, it is very clear that the earth’s environment is changing.

Three technologies have emerged (or are emerging) that increase the energy supply and reduce the effect on the environment.

These technologies are:

  1. Acid gas injection (AGI);
  2. Enhanced oil recovery by CO2 injection (CO2 EOR);
  3. Carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Each of these involves the injection of a stream rich in hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, or both. These mixtures are called acid gases; a name that arises because CO2 and H2S form weak acids when dissolved in water.

A symposium discussing for acid gas injection in all its forms was the brainchild of Sphere Technology Connection, a Calgary company specializing in transfer technology related to the petroleum industry throughout the world. AGIS discusses all processes related to the injection of acid gases – AGI, CO2 EOR, rich gas injection EOR and CCS. All of these processes share common aspects and there are synergies that can be exploited from the more mature processes (EOR) to the emerging processes (CCS).

In May 2015, it will come to AGIS V - The Fifth International Acid Gas Injection Symposium.

All Previous International Acid Gas Injection Symposia (AGIS) were respectively held in Calgary in October 2009 and September 2010, the third in Banff in May 2012, fourth in Calgary in September 2013. In attendance were more than 250 delegates from Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia presenting expertise and experience related to all aspects on AGI, CCS, and topics related to CO2 EOR.

In total more than 150 papers were presented including five keynote addresses and four workshops.

All AGIS past workshops lists are below:

  1. "Sour Gas Treatment"  by Ray Tomcej, Ph.D. P. Eng, Tomcej Engineering Inc.
  2. "Acid gas Injection" by John Carroll, Ph.D P. Eng, Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd.
  3. "Acid Gas Injection by Design Exmple" by John Carroll, Ph.D P. Eng, Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd.
  4. "Acid Gas Injection Simulation" by James van der  Lee, Virtual Materials Group Inc.

In AGIS V, there will be a new workshop. it will be instructed by and covering corrosion considerations in acid gas injection.

In 2013, we are launched a new AGIS program, AGIS Roundtable Discussion. The program is designed to focus on all aspects of acid gas injection. In this program, we invited five expertise as couch and they were answering all questions which are related to acid gas injection and requested by AGIS attendee. It was very successful program.

In AGIS V, May 2015, we will continue to host AGIS roundtable discussion program.  Welcome to all AGIS attendees to join and share their problems and expertise answers. It is always free to join for all AGIS registered attendees.

All AGIS keynote addressers were:

  1. Dr. Mehran Pooladi-Davish, Fekete Associate, Calgary was in AGIS I in 2009. His topic covered reservoir engineering considerations in acid gas injection.
  2. Dr. John Carroll, Director of Geostorage Process Engineering at Gas Liquids Engineering, Calgary was also in AGIS I in 2009. They were covered reservoir engineering and surface engineering in acid gas injection respectively
  3. Dr. Stefan Bachu. Distinguished Scientist, CO2 Storage at Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures, Edmonton in 2010, presenting his experience in CO2 storage projects.
  4. Prof. Abbas Firoozabadi, from Yale University, New Haven, USA in 2012.
  5. Mr. Tim Wiwchar, Business Opportunity Manager from the Shell Quest as our Keynote Speaker in 2013.

In AGIS V, we are pleased to invite Dr. Geert Versteeg from Twente in The Netherlands as AGIS V keynote speaker.

Prof. Dr. Geert Versteeg is co-founder of Procede Group BV. He founded the company to act as an intermediate between fundamental knowledge and industry. Dr. Versteeg is also Professor and chairholder of Multiphase Reactions at the State University, Groningen in The Netherlands. He was Professor and chairholder of Process Development and Design at Twente. He has significant depth of expertise in carbon capture systems design and engineering. He has over 25 years of professional experience in applied scientific research. Over the course of his career, he has co-authored over 200 publications on the subject of CO2 capture and acid gas treating. He will share his experiences in CCS technology in AGIS V.

We hope to see you in Banff, Alberta, Canada to share your advanced technology and experiences again.

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