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SPE/CSGM Gas Migration Challenges – Identification and Treatment Workshop

About this workshop


Gas Migration (Surface Casing Vent Flows - SCVF, Sustained Casing Pressure - SCP, Sustained Annular Pressure - SAP) challenges have been present in the oil and gas industry since its inception. These challenges include drilling, casing and cementing designs, completion techniques, operating area and age of wellbore.

Greater success, reduced costs and improved efficiency come from a strong understanding of wellbore integrity, having access to new tools and remediation techniques, along with clear knowledge of the rules and regulations.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers and the Canadian Society for Gas Migration are focused on bringing together industry leading professionals to increase intervention effectiveness by promoting active discussion and the sharing of new ideas.


The primary objective of this workshop is to bring together operators, service companies, research bodies, regulatory authorities and other interested parties, in an open and collaborative environment to discuss the challenges and share potential solutions.


  • Regulatory (BC/AB/SK/MB/ONT/Offshore)
  • Legal and environmental liabilities
  • Monitoring methods and flow dynamics
  • Source identification and remediation techniques
  • Drilling and geological considerations
  • New technology applications
  • Cementing Primary and Remedial
  • Case Histories


Professionals who deal with:

  • Abandonments
  • Completions
  • Drilling
  • Surface Land
  • Reclamation
  • Environmental
  • Production
  • Wellsite Supervision
  • Reservoirs

Workshop Details

Workshop Format

Workshops maximize the exchange of ideas among attendees and presenters through brief technical ‎presentations followed by extended Q&A periods. Focused topics attract an informed audience eager to ‎discuss issues critical to advancing both technology and best practices.‎

Many of the presentations are in the form of case studies, highlighting engineering achievements and ‎lessons learned. In order to stimulate frank discussion, no proceedings are published and members of the ‎press are not invited to attend.‎


Proceedings from the workshop will not be published; therefore, formal papers and handouts are not ‎requested of speakers or panel members. A URL containing released copies of the workshop presentations ‎will be available to attendees following the workshop. A workshop summary will be prepared by the ‎technical program committee for public release, but no other information.‎


In remaining consistent with workshop objectives and SPE guidelines, commercialism in presentations will ‎not be permitted. Company logos should be used only to indicate the affiliation of the presenter(s).‎

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Attendees will receive 1.6 CEUs.

One CEU equal 8 contact hours of participation. CEUs are awarded through SPE Professional Development ‎for participation and completion of SPE workshop. A permanent record of a participant’s involvement and ‎awarding of CEUs will be maintained by SPE. ‎

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