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Fishing & Milling


Fishing and Milling describes services provided during and after the completion of a well and help clients repair wells that have mechanical problems or that need work to resume oil & gas production.

In collaboration with our partners in Team Canada Integrated Services (TCIS), Fishing & Milling services are provided through our expert team with specified fit-to-purpose tools. Our team performs a comprehensive analysis on your unique well condition to find the best tools and applications.

Our advanced Fishing & Milling services includes:

  • A variety of overshots
  • Hydraulic jars and accelerators
  • Spearing tools
  • Setting and retrieving tools
  • Venturi jet junk basket tools
  • Frac plug milling
  • Frac port milling
  • Stage tool/debris sub milling
  • Cement milling
  • Casing confirmation runs
  • General debris removal – bridge plugs, scale etc.

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