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Lab Services


High quality laboratory data plays a crucial role in characterizing hydrocarbon reservoirs and predicting production performance, especially in EOR and IOR studies. The more common lab services include Routine Core Analysis (RCAL), Special Core Analysis (SCAL), Digital Core Analysis (DCAL); PVT analysis, and EOR related analysis.

In collaboration with our partners in Team Canada Integrated Services (TCIS), we provide a wide range of services for characterization of reservoir rock and all three reservoir fluids - gas, oil and water. Our expert team perform a variety of lab services using high-tech lab equipment.

We offer a comprehensive array of lab services including:

  • Corefloods / Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Evaluation Laboratory
  • Routine Core Analysis (RCAL) Laboratory
  • Special Core Analysis (SCAL) Laboratory
  • Tomographic Imaging (CT Scanning) Laboratory
  • NMR Laboratory
  • Digital Core Analysis
  • Analytical Modelling & Simulation (Pore & Core Level)

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