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Mature Field Optimization

Many of the mature oilfields are struggling to reach the target recovery due to lower than expected production efficiency at late stage. In such fields gross fluid production declines faster than expected due to poor pressure support (either from aquifer or injection). In addition, there would be a lot of premature water or gas breakthrough and hence significant bypassed oil still in place . In such fields usually infill drillings and redevelopment fails due to complex fluid flow geometry and production cost grows faster than expected.

We implement special techniques to improve the performance of these fields by establishing a strict well-by-well monitoring and control. Micro Grid Flow Modelling (MGFM) will be applied to calibrate dynamic 3D model on flux and saturation logs. MGFM is a fine-grid reservoir flow simulation technique run fast by tNavigator, which involves calibration of reservoir properties and production/injection schedules to match the reservoir flux and saturation profile along the well trajectory where it was measured.

The key benefit of MGFM is to ensure the reservoir model is representing the actual fluid dynamic in the reservoir that would be a base for redevelopment and optimization plans. MGFM can accurately map the by passed oil in the reservoir which would be the target for infill drillings and redevelopments plans.

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