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tNavigatorTM is a breakthrough in Reservoir Dynamic Simulation. It is a universal reservoir simulator that reads your existing models (e.g STARS, E100 and E300 formats) and run them with unlimited acceleration and scalability. tNavigatorTM supports Thermal, Black Oil and Compositional models as well as many others physical processes with excellent user interface and 3D run time visualization. it comes at no charge pre extra core which means that you can upgrade your hardware and boost your reservoir simulation performance for free.

This simulation software is designed for running dynamic reservoir simulations on engineers’ laptops, servers, and HPC clusters. tNavigatorTM is written in C++ and designed from the ground up to run parallel acceleration algorithms on multicore and many core shared and distributed memory computing systems. The software employs Qt graphical libraries, which makes the system true multiplatform. By taking advantage of the latest computing technologies like NUMA, Hyperthreading, MPI/SMP hybrids, the performance of tNavigatorTM by far exceeds the performance of any industry standard dynamic simulation tools. Only by using tNavigatorTM can users be sure to unlock the full potential of modern computing hardware.

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