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Water Shut-off


Production and exploitation engineers face a variety of production challenges. Some of these problems are related to the wellbores and their completion and some of challenges are related to near and far reservoir zone (e.g pre-mature water breakthrough, high water cut, increasing gas oil ratio). As a result, a lot of low performing wells would eventually be shut-in and operators would not get expected benefit from them before abandonment. Many of these wells can be re-activated with high efficiency if the right diagnosis and remediation be implemented.

We study the performance of each well meticulously in the field and apply special techniques to diagnose problems. By applying high quality diagnosis, a cost saving solutions can be found for well remediation, workover or production optimization. Below is a common production surveillance and diagnostic in a water shut off project that contributes to maximize well and reservoir performance in a short term.

  • Perform Geological and Reservoir Engineering Study
  • Perform well and reservoir surveillance to Localize the source of water
  • Planning cost effective workover ( through Tubing) using mechanical or chemical method
  • Planning side tracks and horizontal redevelopment from existing wells

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