GLOBAL NEW PETRO TECH INC. Suite 1600,144, 4th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta CANADA T2P 3N4

What We Do


Global New Petro Tech Inc. (GNPT) is a private engineering company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. GNPT consists of a team of experienced engineering professionals with domestic and international oilfield expertise and exposure. GNPT provides Management Consulting, Engineering, and Integrated technical services.

GNPT is exploring business opportunities throughout North America, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

Our remote sensing and passive monitoring technologies has following applications:

  • Oil and Gas prospecting
  • Mapping natural fractures, wormholes and sweet spots in reservoirs
  • Locating the source of complex leaks and fluid pathway behind casing
  • Through tubing casing inspection and corrosion monitoring
  • Well flow profiling in producers and injectors
  • Well and cap rock integrity monitoring (Gas storage and disposal reservoirs)
  • Mapping injected fluid displacement in the reservoir (Water, Steam, CO2, Acid Gas, Steam, Polymer..etc)
  • Mapping reservoir draining or/and depletion boundaries