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Wireline & Slickline Solutions


Over the past decade a significant development has been occurred in Wireline and slickline technologies and applications in oil and gas industry.

Team Canada Integrated Services (TCIS) alliances with highly experienced team provides you with a wide range of wireline and slickline service both in cased hole and open hole wells such as:

  • Standard Cased Hole Logging Services (CBL, RBL, Noise, DSN, SSN, CHAT, GR, CCL)
  • Perforating and Setting Services
  • Pipe Recovery Services (FP, Chem Cut, Jet Cut, string shot, punches, etc)
  • Specialty Wireline Solutions including:
    • Fibre Optic Logging and Monitoring
    • Spectral Noise Log (SNL)
    • Surface Casing Vent Flow / Gas Migration
    • Casing Integrity ( Caliper, Magnetic Imaging Tool)
    • Production Logging
  • Horizontal Completions
    • E-Coil
      • HZ perf/setting
      • HZ logging (Casing Inspection, Production Logging, CBL, RBL, Temperature injection Profile, CHAT)
      • Pipe Recovery
      • Camera Services
    • Tubing Conveyed Perforation
    • Horizontal Formation Analysis

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